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Vecoplan Offers Turnkey RDF Systems

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Systems process various waste streams for use in energy applications.

REW Staff August 29, 2013

Vecoplan LLC, Archdale, N.C., designs, engineers and builds turnkey mechanical systems that process municipal solid waste (MSW), construction and demolition (C&D) debris, industrial scrap and other wastes to be used as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) in waste-to-energy (WTE) applications. Vecoplan systems are used in facilities that produce a broad range of alternative fuels, including: pellets, cellulosic ethanol, syngas, second-generation liquid transportation fuels, and other advanced biofuels from waste.

Vecoplan systems provide application specific receiving, sizing or shredding, ferrous, nonferrous metals removal, screening, size and density separation, conveying, loading and unloading, storage, and metered feeding of waste prior to the production of energy or conversion to fuel.

More information is available at 336-861-6070, info@vecoplanllc.com or www.vecoplan.com


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