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RePlanet Applauds California Decision to Hike CRV Rates


New rates went into effect March 1, 2012.

Recycling Today Staff February 28, 2012
The California beverage container recycling company rePlanet is applauding the state of California’s decision to raise the rates paid to consumers returning beverage containers to recyclers in the state. 
According to rePlanet, the rate changes will allow it  to operate more automated recycling machines in the state.
“Recycling beverage containers makes more sense than ever before,” Matt Millhiser, rePlanet marketing director, says. “The state’s new redemption rates, combined with our innovations in automated technology, make recycling more financially rewarding and convenient than any time in California history.” 
CalRecycle’s new rate calculations will increase the per-pound California redemption value (CRV) redemption rates by 3 cents for plastic bottles and 3 cents for aluminum cans. The CRV rate per container remains the same at 5 cents for containers under 24 ounces and 10 cents for containers 24 ounces and above. 
RePlanet says previous reimbursement rates were insufficient to support the collection program, forcing the company to temporarily deactivate its automated recycling machines during the summer of 2011. However, after complaints from customers, rePlanet says it reactivated the machines and the state of California began to recalculate the rates.
“RePlanet is committed to recycling and dedicated to providing California consumers with clean, convenient and efficient facilities where they can easily recycle their beverage containers and receive the most accurate refunds,” Millhiser says. “The state’s March 1st rate increase will help us continue that mission, whether consumers choose to recycle with our staff attendants or automated machines.”
Effective March 1, 2012, the CRV refund price per pound are:
  • Aluminum Cans - $1.57;
  • Glass Bottles - 10.5c cents;
  • No. 1 PET Plastic Bottles - $1;
  • No. 2 HDPE Plastic Bottles - 57 cents;
  • No. 3 PVC Plastic Bottles - $1.33;
  • No. 4 LDPE Plastic Bottles -$1.87;
  • No. 5 PP Plastic Bottles - 45 cents;
  • No. 6 PS Plastic Bottles - $5.62;
  • No. 7 Others Plastic Bottles - 33 cents; and
  • Bimetal - 30 cents.


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