Single-Stream Sorting

Single-Stream Sorting

June 29, 2012

Machinex Technologies Inc.
Sorting Equipment

Experience Results with a Single-Stream Sorting Solution  

High output and recycling purity levels remain the keys to success in selective recycling processing.  At Machinex, we understand the daily challenges facing recycling plant managers; that is why we make sure our systems include all these keys. 

Machinex recycling solutions are always custom-designed by our engineers in order to maximize output in accordance with customer needs, such as:

  • Production capacity: Machinex is able to provide various system configurations to conform to the initial estimate, and this, for small or large processing capacities from 5 to 50 tons per hour or more.
  • Purity level of sorted material: Since profits are often directly linked to material quality, we optimize our systems so as to insure efficiency resulting in unequalled purity.
  • Labor level: We provide various levels of automation, which one can adjust according to our customer’s direct labor requirements.
  • Available space and building constraints: We design custom systems according to customer needs and existing physical configurations.
  • Ease of maintenance: Machinex has vast experience in recycling plant maintenance.  As such, we design our equipment and systems with ease of maintenance and maintenance access in mind. 

Machinex provides a wide range of equipment used in our recycling systems which can also be integrated into existing systems for upgrades or to improve recycling efficiency.