MACH Separator Series

MACH Separator Series

June 29, 2012

Machinex Technologies Inc.
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MACH Separator Series

Machinex has designed a complete range of separators; the MACH Disc Screen Series allows for reducing parts, maintenance, and labor costs thus increasing profits.  Our fully automated MACH Separator Solutions provide remarkable and efficient performance for a fraction of the cost of traditional separation methods.  Our ultra modern designs can be integrated with an existing configuration.

MACH Series Separators increase purity levels up to 98% or better, and elevate performance levels over and above expectations.  All MACH solutions include advanced characteristics specifically designed to enhance MRF profitability.

Here is a brief overview of these characteristics:

  • A configuration flexibility which allows for adapting to all recycling requirements;
  • Speed variation in order to increase recycling capacity;
  • Adjustable parameter definition as per recycling capacity;
  • Adjustable flexible screen configuration according to material dimensions and volume.

Cardboard Sorting with the MACH OCC

Machinex also manufactures stand alone OCC sorting solutions; for an alternate OCC sorting line, to recover cardboard out of a transfer station or to improve the process of an existing system – Machinex has the solution!