ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System

ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System

August 29, 2011

Sorting Equipment

Eriez has introduced the ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System for increased metals recovery. It includes the advanced features of the original ProSort, but with twice as many sensors per paddle.


The new system is designed for efficient and economical processing of shredded automobiles, commingled recyclables, electronic scrap, glass cullet, foundry sand as well as other resource recovery operations.

ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System uses high sensitivity metal sensors aligned with low energy electromagnetically driven paddles to separate valuable metals from waste material.

ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System uses a traditional conveyor belt and sensors to detect metals, then, instead of costly air reject systems, two-inch "electromagnetic motorized paddles" reject material. The paddles are positioned side-by-side in a bank as wide as the belt, so when the sensors detect metal on the belt, the control circuit energizes the appropriate paddle at the moment the metal passes below/under, diverting from the product stream. This system recovers the majority of nonferrous and stainless steel from the waste stream.

The motorized paddle is adjustable. The ProSort II comes in a modular design in units up to 90 inches wide. By replacing expensive air compressor plants, valves and airlines with energy-efficient electromagnetic drives, the ProSort II requires less than 25 percent of the electricity needed to operate a comparably sized air-powered sorter.