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My Scrap Network seeks to connect recyclers

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Two traders launch scrap networking site.

Recycling Today Staff February 25, 2014
My Scrap Network is a recently introduced networking site that is geared toward members of the scrap metal recycling industry. The founders of the site say it has been designed to help scrap buyers and sellers find, organize and maintain relationships with trading partners.  
Founder and President Matt Smith, a trader with Niles Iron & Metal Co. LLC, Niles, Ohio, says there is no cost to become a member of the site. Additionally, Smith says the site offers more than other sites where scrap metal sellers and buyers connect. The company says that My Scrap Network can offer users the opportunities for bartering and is designed to guarantee the credibility of the people using the site, he says. 
Ryan Hoefler, owner of Twinsburg, Ohio-based Cobra Trading LLC, helped fund the site, which was launched in late January 2014. 
Among the features the site says it offers to members are:
  • selectivity in terms of which users can access information about their businesses and the materials they are offering or seeking;
  • a content-driven online platform; 
  • the ability to upload photos directly from a smartphone to create instantaneous offers and requests to select groups rather than sending multiple emails; 
  • the ability to build contact lists and create trading groups; and
  • the option to hold closed chat room meetings as an alternative to phone conferences or multiple emails.
Membership to My Scrap Network includes access to the mobile site, which allows users to access all of the site’s features from a smartphone. Smith says the site’s administrators will verify the legitimacy of individuals and companies seeking membership to My Scrap Network. 


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