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MRC Polymers Introduces Recycling Solutions Division


Company says it sees opportunities for difficult-to-recycle plastics.

Recycling Today Staff July 26, 2012

MRC Polymers, a Chicago-based plastics recycling company, has launched a new division known as Recycling Solutions. According to MRC, the new division seeks to help companies derive the highest value possible from their scrap.

“We want to make sure material is recovered to its highest potential,” says Dean Eberhardt, president of MRC’s Recycling Solutions Division. “Recycling into low-end products is great for keeping things out of the landfill, but we like to take it to the next level, ideally by closing the loop.”
The company will seek rigid plastics generated at industrial manufacturing plants, particularly those within the automotive industry.
 Paul Binks, MRC Polymers CEO, says the company recovers post-consumer bumpers, which it grinds, washes and compounds into pellets using a proprietary process. The pellets are then used to manufacture new bumpers, he adds.


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