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Challenges – Solutions - Innovations

For over 30 years, Machinex uses innovative recycling solutions to design and produce custom-made sorting and recycling technology for facilities all around the world. As industry leader in the design of profitable and reliable material recovery facilities, we offer a full range of waste recycling equipment in addition to our state-of-the-art sorting systems to meet the needs of today and tomorrow:

• Single-Stream Sorting
• Construction and Demolition Debris
• Commercial and Industrial Waste
• Municipal Solid Waste
• Waste-to-Energy front-end processing

Custom-Built Solutions

Whatever the configuration of your recycling facility and your type of operation, you need equipment that has been designed to meet your space requirements, output objectives, and budget. At Machinex, our engineers do not just design sorting systems for you — they design them with you. Today, material recycling facilities must produce very pure materials through efficient separation of contaminants. Systems designed by Machinex take this into consideration and accommodate the requests of our customer and the market.

Experience Results
Through the years and more than 250 flawless installations later, we have been renowned in the industry for our INNOVATIVE DESIGN, our CREATIVITY TO FIND SOLUTIONS, our PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER APPROACH and our BEST PRICE/QUALITY RATIO.

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