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6059 Guide Meridian Rd. Bellingham WA 98226

ph: (360) 398-7533 fax: (360) 398-2914 http://www.krausemanufacturing.com

Krause Manufacturing was established in 1963 and began its story as a manufacturer of custom agricultural equipment. Krause expanded its portfolio to serve the recycling industry in 1985. The company’s history in farming equipment made the transition easy. The company founder, Herb Krause, had the philosophy that if you could build a machine that a farmer would not tear apart, you did well.  Krause continues to expand and perfect the highest quality and longest lasting automated sorting systems for Construction & Demolition (C&D), Commercial & Industrial (C&I), and front end Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Krause is also a major supplier of turnkey single stream systems. Krause is the industry leader in heavy-duty recycling and will custom design, fabricate, and install systems to exact specifications. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, unsurpassed workmanship, and superior customer service, a turnkey system from Krause is built to last.  

Krause Manufacturing is a division of The CP Group. The CP Group is comprised of CP Manufacturing & CP Europe (CPME), IPS Balers, MSS (optics), and Krause Manufacturing - producing a single resource for all MSW and recycling separation needs. The CP Group has 76 innovative patents and 725 experienced employees worldwide that keep their focus on customer needs and the evolution of resource recovery.

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