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IPS Balers, Inc.

396 Frost Industrial Blvd. Baxley GA 31513

ph: (912) 366-9460 fax: (912) 366-9559 http://www.ipsbalers.com

IPS is committed to providing our customers with the most efficient highest quality products and product support available in the recycling industry today.  IPS's goals include commanding a lion share of the marked through competitive pricing, innovation, on-time deliveries, customer partnerships, hard work and smart advertising.  IPS strives to become a leader in the industry by excelling to a level that other manufacturers fail to achieve and to maintain the highest margins possible for our employees.  IPS will offer the greatest customer support through our knowledgeable staff who provide technical support and parts expedition second to none. With the customers' needs and requirements as our priority and the pulse of the industry in mind IPS will always strive to achieve excellence in design and superior quality.  Through our aggressive attitude in marketing we will succeed in fulfilling our highest goals "complete customer satisfaction" and "sales unparalleled in the industry".

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