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500 S.Spencer Road P.O. Box 468 Newton KS 67114-0468

ph: (316) 284-2020 fax: (316) 283-4975 http://www.buntingmagnetics.com

For over 52 years, Bunting® has established itself as an industry-leading manufacturer in several product lines. Over that time, we have developed a robust group of products which feature Innovative Recycling Technology and help make Bunting® the most complete provider of Recycling Component Equipment.

The choice is easy. Regardless of the type of recycling you are involved with, Bunting® is your most complete resource for Material Handling Conveyors, Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection Equipment in the market. Now, Bunting® has expanded our product line to include our new Eddy Current Separator and High Intensity Pulleys for Separation.

If you are a Shredder, Grinder or Granulator OEM Company and are putting together a system to provide your Customer a more complete or turnkey system, Bunting Magnetics Co. can provide you all the other equipment needed to complete your job. We can be a one-stop source for all the additional feeder conveyors, magnetic separation and purification equipment you will need. Our Engineering Team can provide you the models and drawing to drop into your systems to insure a smooth project completion.

If you operate a Recycling Facility that needs some additional equipment to expand your facility, you can streamline your production and use higher capacity equipment to increase your production. Bunting® can provide you the technical support and equipment to reach your goals.

You might be a Production Facility that is looking to add in-feed and discharge conveyors to your shredder or a Magnetic Pulley or Crossbelt to pull contaminant out of your product. Bunting® is your Supplier of Choice and the recognized name in recycling.

We are constantly seeking new ways in which magnetic products can provide the industries we serve with more efficient production techniques. The science that we apply offers an economical, permanent energy source. We believe that it will play an increasingly important role in our nation’s future – in contributing to the increased efficiency so vital in competitive world markets.

Our first 50 years has been a profile in growth and innovation. Now and in the future, we are striving to keep improving and build upon the legacy.

Bunting®....always the best….we’ll prove it!

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