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Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)

3592 West 5th Avenue Eugene OR 97402

ph: (541) 485-0999 fax: (541) 485-6341 http://www.bulkhandlingsystems.com

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, BHS designs, manufactures and installs processing systems tailored to sort material and extract recyclables from waste streams.

Quality.  Reliability. Excellence in Design.

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs unparalleled sorting and handling systems throughout the world for the recycling, solid waste, wood products, and power generation industries. BHS custom-designed systems at material recovery facilities (MRFs) efficiently extract recyclables from a variety of waste streams at recovery rates in excess of 99%, greatly minimizing the residue that hits landfills.

“The need for effective recycling is greater than ever, and no manufacturer has responded faster with higher quality, more reliable recycling systems than BHS.”

Vision. Innovation. Collaboration

BHS leads the industry in technology innovation, holding numerous patents for equipment and system designs. BHS’ commitment to innovative design and engineering, quality manufacturing, exceptional customer service, timely delivery and long-lasting, efficient systems contribute to the company’s strong reputation and success.


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