Wendt Corp. Restructures Sales Force

Company names Tim Conway head of strategic business development.

July 9, 2012
Recycling Today Staff

Wendt Corp., Tonawanda, N.Y., says it has experienced considerable growth in its automobile shredding and nonferrous separation systems, which is related to advancements in technology and processes as well as the formation of strategic partnerships with companies like TiTech, MTB Recycling and Bowe Rotors. As part of Wendt’s expansion, the company says it has restructured its sales department to include regional sales managers, dedicated product specialists and the appointment of a strategic business development leader.  

For the past 35 years, Wendt’s sales activity has been handled from its headquarters. With the increased demand and growing sales opportunities, Wendt says it recognized the need to have a regional sales force that will be closer to its customers. Therefore, Wendt has added regional sales managers who will cover the West Coast, the Midwest and the East Coast. The regional sales managers will be responsible for communicating with scrap processors.

To support the regional sales managers, Wendt also has created product specialists for each of its four main product lines: automobile shredding systems, rotors and castings, nonferrous separation systems and wire chopping lines. Wendt says its product specialists have years of industry experience and focus solely on their areas of expertise.  

According to Wendt, once the regional sales managers have identified a particular need for a customer, they will work closely with the appropriate product specialist to provide the customer with expertise as they work toward a solution.  

Wendt has hired Tim Conway to work with specific accounts and hold the title of strategic business development. He has more than 25 years of experience in the industry beginning in 1988 when he co-founded BEST Inc. (Bulk Equipment Systems Technology), a recycling and bulk handling company. He went on to sell the business in 2007 to Metso Minerals Industries Inc. and continued to act as vice president of marketing and business development for the company until 2010. Conway has spent the past two years as a recycling recovery processes consultant and will work with the regional salesmen and product specialists when servicing Wendt’s customers.