Weima Introduces New Equipment at K Show

WLK 800 shredder is showcased at the K-Show in Dusseldorf, Germany.

October 23, 2013
RTGE Staff
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Weima Maschinenbau GmbH

has debuted its newest single-shaft shredder, the WLK 800, at the K-Show in Dusseldorf in October 2013. The company also featured its Spider 1500 at the show.

The K-Show is an international trade far that focuses on global plastics and rubber markets.

Weima says the WLK 800 has an innovative drive shaft that is ideal for plastic shredding. The shredder has a single-shaft that features a “pipe spacer” hopper design, which prevents material from bridging inside the hopper. The feed motion of the ram is load-dependent, designed to ensure the shredder will not become overloaded. The model features a swivel-screen basket that makes the rotor more accessible for maintenance. The WLK 800’s counter knives also are able to be rotated, a feature designed to add to the life of the knives and to minimize wear.

Weima also says the WLK 800 is ideal for processing all kinds of plastics such as purge, pipes, automotive parts and blow-molding materials (PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, buckets, cans, etc.).

The other shredder being displayed at the K-Show is the Spider 1500 H, which comes with a newly developed hydraulic drive by Hägglunds-Bosch Rexroth. The drive adds to the overall energy-efficient nature of the machine due to lower driving power, says Weima. There are also no power surges when the rotation reverses. The new drive also is set up in a compact way to save space and make maintaining the machine easier. The Spider 1500 H on display at K Show 2013 also featured a newly-designed ram position sensor and large rotor diameter.