Wastequip offers new grease container

Container designed for secure grease recycling.

May 23, 2014
Waste Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Wastequip, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based maker of waste and recycling equipment, says its new line of grease containers prevents the frustrating problem of grease theft.

Featuring the “Grease Vault lid,” the new grease containers provide safe, simple storage of used food grease “and will discourage the most pesky grease burglar around,” according to the company.

Wastequip says its Grease Vault lids offer several anti-theft features, including:

  • lid plates that interlock, leaving no edges to pry open;
  • a shielded lock;
  • a heavy-duty grate; and
  • containers are available in several capacities, including in 100-, 208-, 294- and 360-gallon sizes.

Available in middle-dump and end-dump configurations (with drop-in box or flat grates), the Grease Vault lid and grate system is standard on Wastequip grease containers and also can be retrofitted onto many existing grease containers, says Wastequip.

“Growth in the bio-fuel market and stringent regulations governing the collection and disposal of grease has been driving the demand for safe, simple grease storage products for several years,” says Amanda Maeyaert, product manager for Wastequip containers. “As the value of used cooking oil skyrockets, so does the number of people willing to resort to theft to make a few bucks. Wastequip is extremely excited to introduce this new grease container that discourages grease theft, so our customers can dispose of used food grease in an appropriate manner.”

Assembly of the lid takes no more than 15 seconds and requires no welding or tools, according to the company. The user slides the two plates together, aligns holes, attaches the grate and puts a padlock in place.

Wastequip says its new containers “are ideal for any environment that generates food grease, such as restaurants, grocery stores, schools, hospitals and hotels.”