Waste Pro increases service footprint by 33,000 customers

Waste Pro increases service footprint by 33,000 customers

From December 2015 to December 2016, Waste Pro closed 11 acquisitions.

January 18, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Municipal / IC&I

Waste Pro, headquartered in Longwood, Florida, has announced that it closed 11 acquisitions across Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee from December 2015 through December 2016, increasing the company’s service footprint by more than 31,000 residential customers and 2,200 commercial customers.

In the past 12 months, AD&R Inc., Community Disposal, Diamond Disposal, Downum’s Waste Services, F-4 Sanitation, Red River Waste Solutions, Better Waste Disposal, Advantage Waste and two subsidiaries of Mark Dunning Industries and Unified Waste Systems LLC have joined Waste Pro.

“Waste Pro continues to be the preferred choice for waste companies looking for an exit partner,” says Tim Herman, senior vice president and chief development officer. “It is clear that local haulers prefer partnering with a like-minded private company like Waste Pro. Our founder/CEO John Jennings is admired by so many local waste owners because he identifies with them, and this results in a more comfortable conversation.”

Since its inception in 2001, Waste Pro says sit has strived to remain operationally nimble to provide customized service programs to residential and commercial customers. Through strategic acquisitions within the company’s nine-state footprint, which expanded to include Northeast Arkansas in March of 2016, Waste Pro continues to preserve a tradition of serving customers through centrally located hauling facilities within their municipalities that are staffed by local employees, the company says.

Waste Pro says it serves more than 2 million residential and 40,000 commercial customers from more than 75 operating locations and maintains more than 235 exclusive municipal contracts and franchises.