Vermont Governor Signs Bill to Boost Electronics Recycling in the State

State joins 20 other states in implementing electronics recycling law.

April 20, 2010

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas has signed a bill that aims to make it easier to collect for recycling electronic scrap from residents of the state.

Senate Bill 77, sponsored by State Senators Lyons, Hartwell and MacDonald, proposes to require manufacturers of certain electronics to implement and fund a system for the collection and recycling of electronic devices.

At a ceremony on April 19, Douglas signed the bill into law that calls for recycling of electronics that would be free for consumers and paid for by manufacturers.

Starting the first of next year, the state’s will adopt a plan for the collection and recycling of all electronic waste in the state. In developing the plan, consideration will be made to look at the existing electronic waste collection opportunities and services in each county to determine whether such opportunities and services are adequate.

If the opportunities are not adequate, especially in rural parts of the state, the state may require additional collection activities to be build.

The bill puts the burden of paying for recycling the electronic waste on the manufactures of the products, who must register with the state and pay a $5,000 fee, with an annual fee to be determined next year. The money will go to make free recycling drop-off centers available in every county starting next year.