Vecoplan Introduces V-ECO 1700

The V-ECO 1700 has been developed for plastics processing.

October 15, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Plastics

Vecoplan, based in Archdale, N.C., has launched the V-ECO 1700, which has been designed to boost plastic recycling. Vecoplan says the shredder is the most progressive and efficient model available in the market. It is designed for various plastic recycling applications, including companies seeking to reuse production material as well as plastic recyclers focused on efficient, economical shredding.

Vecoplan says the V-ECO 1700 is based on the company’s VAZ technology and offers several new features, such as optimized cutters and counter knives that are designed to be durable and to deliver a homogenous particle structure as well as high throughput. The company says the cutters can be used four times and are easy to change.

Vecoplan reports that its engineers have developed a new energy-saving drive concept for shredding applications. The frequency-controlled motor transfers the entire torque from the motor over a belt to the rotor. The company says the new W-shape rotor design is the ideal setup for shredding various kinds of plastics, such as film, mixed plastics and containers, as well as textiles.

The machine floor is designed to lift up, and the screen basket to swing down. Counterknives and cutters are easy to change, the company says. The screen size is changeable within minutes. According to Vecoplan, each counterknife segment is adjustable on its own and during the shredding process. This design feature results in reduced downtime for maintenance and less wear on the cutters and counterknives, the company says. 

The frequency-controlled ram supports the efficient shredding processes and is easy to adapt if the infeed material changes, Vecoplan says.

Vecoplan says the V-ECO 1700 is a flexible solution for new and existing recycling plants as it is designed to be easily integrated and modified for various applications and materials.

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