Vecoplan Launches New Company

Vecoplan Integrated Solutions LLC will provide single-stream recycling solutions.

September 4, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Municipal / IC&I
Ulrich Schulte of the Vecoplan management board, has announced the formation of Vecoplan Integrated Solutions (VIS) LLC, which will provide turn-key systems for residential and commercial single-stream recycling material recovery facilities (MRFs) as well as retrofit upgrades. Operating out of Archdale, N.C., the headquarters of Vecoplan LLC, VIS is the latest addition to the Vecoplan group of companies. 
Jeffrey Van Galder and Christopher Simon have partnered with Vecoplan on the new venture and bring more than 30 years of combined industry experience to the company. 
"Vecoplan Integrated Solutions was formed to offer a new approach and better solutions for residential and commercial single-stream recycling markets,” says Schulte. "Vecoplan recognizes that commingled, multimaterial processing has become something different than what it was even five years ago. As a market leader in environmental and recycling technologies, we are committed to focusing on the betterment of mixed materials processing,” he adds. "Our mission will be to apply the correct equipment strategically to provide cleaner, more effective solutions." 
Services offered by VIS include situational analysis, consultation, design, engineering, project management, construction and commissioning of new recycling systems and retrofits to existing MRF and postconsumer recycling operations.
VIS offers products that include receiving stations, in-feed metering machinery, conveyors and a comprehensive range of screening, sorting and separating technologies. Separation technologies available from VIS include optical separation, air classification, magnets and eddy currents. 
This is the latest evolution in Vecoplan's presence in the recycling and processing markets, according to the company.
"Nothing demonstrates our commitment to these markets more than launching this business in partnership with Jeffrey Van Galder and Christopher Simon, both of whom have a long history of success providing solutions to processor's varied requirements," Schulte says.
The introduction of VIS also completes the group's portfolio, enabling the provision of truly turn-key plants, from managing incoming waste all the way through RDF processing for use with various biofuel and bioenergy conversion technologies, according to Vecoplan. 
VIS relies on its own equipment supply as well as strategically sourced vendor relationships to provide the specific technological solution required. 
More information on Vecoplan Integrated Solutions is available by phone at 336-861-7100, by email at or online at