Vecoplan Introduces Film, Fiber Shredder

Company says the shredder has been engineered to solve self-feeding problems.

July 9, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Plastics

Vecoplan LLC has introduced the VAZ 1100 K XL FF shredder, which the company says has been specifically designed to shred plastic film quickly and efficiently. The new shredder has been engineered to solve the self–feeding problem associated with flexible, high tenacity materials. “The VAZ 1100 K XL FF is economical to purchase, economical to operate and delivers a very quick return on investment,” says Marty Kennedy, Vecoplan’s executive vice president.

The VAZ 1100 K XL FF features Vecoplan’s patented SureCut shredding system that delivers what it calls built-in two-stage auxiliary size reduction in a single pass. Other features include a reinforced close-tolerance screen configuration and an application specific “wedge” fixed counter knife. Designed for high throughput, the shredder also has built-in metering capabilities and thermal monitoring controls. In addition to preventing film from wrapping around the cutting rotor during processing, the SureCut system has been designed to deliver precise cut lengths.

The VAZ 1100 K XL FF’s 42-inch by 52-inch hopper infeed opening provides what Vecoplan says is a true dump and run operation for a wide variety of loose or baled plastic films, as well as short pile carpet. The shredding chamber employs a patented Vecoplan single-shaft U-Rotor, which is 15 inches in diameter, powered by a 60 hp drive motor and embedded with 48 standard plus 28 nip cutting inserts. Each bolt-on cutting insert can be rotated to four different wear points before replacement.

Those seeking more information on the shredder can contact Vecoplan, High Point, N.C., at