Vecoplan Introduces Dual-Shaft Shredder

Company known for single-shaft shredders releases first dual-shaft model.

July 19, 2012
SDB Staff
Equipment & Products Paper
Archdale, N.C.-based Vecoplan has introduced the VNZ 80 XL dual-shaft shredder. The company, which is known for its single-shaft, ram-fed, rotary shredders, has incorporated two rotors and eliminated the ram in the new VNZ 80 XL model. However, the company claims, unlike conventional “pierce and tear” dual-shaft shredders, the VNZ 80 XL delivers numerous advantages associated with Vecoplan shredders. Additionally, the absence of a feed ram gives the VNZ 80 XL the smallest footprint available for a machine of this performance level, Vecoplan claims. The VNZ 80 XL produces the consistent particle size that customers expect from a Vecoplan shredder and offers the ability to change and control the particle size by changing the machine’s screen, the company says. 
The shredder features Vecoplan’s patented Torsion Point™ “U” rotors, which rotate at low speeds and high torques. According to Vecoplan, the cutting rotors produce high throughput and low noise and are virtually jam free. 
Vecoplan says it has designed the cutting inserts on the VNZ 80 XL’s rotors to be easy to access. They bolt-on so they can be quickly rotated three times before they need to be replaced.
Other features shared by Vecoplan single-shaft shredders and the VNZ 80 XL dual-shaft shredder include the ability to shred a wide variety of materials and true dump-and-run operation, the company says. 
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