Alan Josephsen installs Bollegraaf baler

Illinois paper recycler touts productivity increase since installing rebuilt baler.

July 16, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
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Paper recycling company Alan Josephsen Co. Inc., Mundelein, Illinois, has upgraded its recycling operations with the installation of a Bollegraaf HBC-100F baler.

Alan Josephsen, company onwer, says the upgrade was necessary because the plant was suffering shutdowns related to its previous two-ram baler.

Josephsen says he decided to purchase a fully rebuilt HBC-100F baler after seeing a Bollegraaf HBC-120 operating in a nearby facility.

The sale and installation was made by Van Dyk Recycling Solutions, Stamford, Connecticut. The HBC-100F was refurbished at Van Dyk’s new equipment facility and showroom in Norwalk, Connecticut.

The HBC-100F was installed June 20, 2014, and produced 187 bales on its first shift, the company says.

“We were amazed with the fit and finish and the quality of construction, but the most amazing aspect was watching bale after bale come out of the business end of the baler,” says Josephsen. “To say we are pleased is an understatement.”

The baler processes all the material from Josephsen’s plant, including shredded paper. It is able to bale 18 tons per hour of old corrugated containers and 35 tons per hour of mixed fiber and high grades.

Alan Josephsen Co. says it has seen its baling cycle time reduced significantly and the downtime caused by its previous two-ram baler has been eliminated. As well, the Bollegraaf beler has yielded lower electrical costs and does not require a dedicated operator.

“The only problem with the HBC-100 is that it is constantly hungry for more,” Josephsen says.