US Shredder Adds Automatic ASR Loading System

System will allow users to reduce their handling of ASR.

February 13, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

U.S. Shredder and Castings Group, an equipment company headquartered in Trussville, Ala., has successfully designed, manufactured and installed an Automatic ASR (Auto Shredder Residue) Loading System (AFL-4).

Because the design uses a heavy duty gantry, conveyors and sensors, the AFL can automatically load ASR in four 20-foot open top containers or two 40-foot trucks after being processed through a shredder downstream system, the company says. 

According to U.S. Shredder, the AFL-4 gives customers the opportunities to eliminate the need for a front-end loader to load containers and trucks. The system also helps eliminate the dust and dirt in the air that arises from the double handling of ASR. With the AFL-4 system users can achieve both goals, U.S. Shredder says.

U.S. Shredder says that with the use of the AFL-4 systems, users can achieve a cleaner shredder environment and reduce operating costs. The company adds that reducing the need for a front-end loader and driver also can accelerate a user’s return on investment.

U.S. Shredder and Castings Group offers scrap shredders, control systems, downstream systems, nonferrous recovery, air systems, scrap shears, balers, and loggers; as well as shredder castings, service, engineering and consulting to the worldwide scrap industry. 

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