U.S. Shredder Adds 7090 Scrap Shredder to Inventory

Heavy-duty shredder is available for immediate delivery.

August 8, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products
U.S. Shredder and Casting Group, Trussville, Ala., has announced that it has placed a 7090 heavy-duty scrap shredder in inventory for immediate delivery.  The shredder can be inspected in Youngstown, Ohio, and complete turn-key installation is available.
The company adds that because the shredder is in inventory a new complete shredder system could be installed and operating before a competitive machine could be manufactured.  
The 7090 rotor provides up to 30 percent more hammer impact and is 12 percent wider than a 6085 shredder and provides advantages in the thickness of scrap that can be processed, motor efficiency and shredder longevity, according to U.S. Shredder. “The strength and durability of our rotor will eliminate many of the maintenance and service issues associated with smaller, lighter shredders,” the company adds. 
U.S. Shredder engineers worked closely with the company’s fabrication team to build what it describes as “a bigger, heavier shredder with a design that allows the shredder to be built at the cost of the lighter competitive models.”
The 7090 includes state-of-the-art controls, hydraulics and castings, U.S. Shredder says. The shredder can be operated by a DC 2,300- to 4,000-horsepower drive system.  
The US Shredder and Castings Group offers scrap shredders, control systems, downstream systems, nonferrous recovery, air systems, scrap shears, balers and loggers as well as shredder castings, service and consulting to the worldwide scrap industry.  
More information is available from Bill Tigner at 205-999-7670 or at bill.tigner@usshredder.com