URR Adds German Baler Line

California-based URR will offer BaleTainers made by Strautmann-Umwelt.

October 11, 2012
SDB Staff
Equipment & Products

Unlimited Recycling Resources LLC (URR), Chino Hills, Calif., has been awarded the exclusive distribution rights in North America for equipment made by Strautmann-Umwelt of Glandorf, Germany.

Strautmann has developed the BaleTainer, which is described by URR as “an auto-tie baler that is fed from the back end like a compactor.”

The BaleTainer was developed in conjunction with Swedish retailer Ikea, which uses 22 of the units, according to URR. It features a feed opening that measures 3.5 feet by 6 feet to accommodate whole and pre-flattened boxes. Nearly 400 BaleTainers have been sold in Europe in less than three years, says URR.

Strautmann also has developed the AutoLoad, which URR describes as a “vertical baler that feeds itself.” The company has sold more than 250 AutoLoads so far.

Another piece in the Strautmann line is the Styropress, designed for compacting EPS (expanded polystyrene) and XPS (extruded polystyrene). The Styropress is designed to allow shippers to put 46,000-pound loads of recyclable polystyrene into 40-foot export containers. URR says the Styropress has a footprint of only seven feet by 12 feet and “is engineered to operate 24/7 for high-volume users.”

In addition to carrying the Strautmann line, URR is the exclusive western hemisphere importer for G-Balers made in Taiwan. The G-Baler product line ranges from a manual-tie horizontal model to a 30-tons-per-hour baler.

URR was established by Steve Colton of Colton Equipment, Dan Gregory of DG Services and Victoria Chang.