UNTHA Develops Employee Exchange Program

Austrian engineer visits UNTHA America thanks to exchange program.

October 22, 2012
Recycling Today Staff

UNTHA Shredding Technology America Inc.,Hampton, N.H., recently hosted a mechanical engineer from Austria as part of a newly developed exchange program between the company’s American offices and its Austrian headquarters. UNTHA America is a division of the Austrian-basedUNTHA Shredding Technology GmbH, which provides size reduction equipment for the recycling industry.

Georg Buchegger, a service technician from Salzburg, Austria, has been with UNTHA’s European operations for five years and is experienced in repairing all models of UNTHA’s shredding machines, as well as providing regular maintenance. In his position he has traveled provided service to UNTHA clients throughout the world, including time with UNTHA’s U.S. operations.

“In Austria, service technicians are trained much differently than in the United States,” says Bernhard Mueggler, president and CEO of UNTHA America. “In the United States, technicians may specialize in just one or two areas, but in Austria, they are trained in every discipline needed to build and repair our machines. They know how to do welding, machinist work, milling and other skilled tasks. Georg has all the abilities needed to actually make one of our shredders from the ground up. He could run the production shop himself if need be. Having him here to work with our service technicians is a wonderful experience. He is able to share a great deal of knowledge.”

In the spring, Frank Payson, an UNTHA America service technicians who is being trained to service machines, will spend time at the Austrian headquarters to improve his skills. “Frank will receive additional training at the UNTHA production facility to deepen his knowledge of the specifics of applied shredding technologies,” says Mueggler. “It will increase his understanding of how our machines operate.”

“Launching the exchange program benefits our employees and our customers,” says Mueggler. “We look forward to continuing the effort in the years to come.”