UNTHA Introduces New Shredder

Assay shredder is designed for electronic scrap.

July 25, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

UNTHA shredding technology America Inc., Hampton, N.H., has introduced its newest product, the RS Series assay shredder, to its line of shredding equipment. The assay shredder has been designed and built with the electronics recycling and smelting business in mind. The company says it has already sold two asset shredder units since it was introduced to the market.

UNTHA Shredding Technology America is a division of Austria-based UNTHA Shredding Technology GmbH.

The company says the RS Series assay shredder is optimized for use within the electronic scrap industry and companies that extract and refine precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and nickel from used circuit boards are already interested in the new shredder.

“The assay shredder is useful to companies on both sides of the equation,” says Charles Hildebrand, UNTHA regional sales manager. “It aids companies selling electronic scrap, allowing them to determine in advance the worth of the material they are selling. And, it is a resource for companies buying electronic scrap, letting them accurately measure the amount of precious metals in a batch of materials.

“Typically, companies will shred a small amount of electronic scrap to get an idea of the value available in a particular shipment,” says Hildebrand. “Our RS Assay Shredder can shred down to 10 millimeters, which is critical in this industry. It is also hardened to this application, with extra durability built into essential areas so that down time is minimized.”

UNTHA adds that its RS assay shredder offers much higher reliability than current technology, along with very low dust generation and cross contamination. “It has been a success in Europe for some time, and with the growth of electronic scrap recycling in the States, we are sure it will be an invaluable resource,” Hildebrand says.