TruStar adds CNG fueling capacity for Rumpke and Modern Disposal Services

Companies look to add CNG fueling stations as they expand their truck fleets.

May 21, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
TruStar Energy, a Fontana, California-based designer and builder of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling facilities, has announced the expansion of its existing CNG fueling stations for Cincinnati-based Rumpke Consolidated Cos. and Lewiston, New York-based Modern Disposal Services.

TruStar Energy initially built stations for both haulers, but fleet expansion required the installation of capacity upgrades to accomodate both companies’ growing CNG fleets.

“It’s proof positive that CNG continues to gain in acceptance with fleets—and the value proposition is real,” says TruStar Energy Vice President Scott Edelbach. “Both Rumpke and Modern were early adopters of CNG—and as savvy fleet owners—they understand the dynamics of the fuel and the savings associated with domestic natural gas.”

TruStar says Rumpke is adding fueling posts for an additional 28 trucks and Modern Disposal is adding a third 250-horsepower compressor and fueling post to fuel 20 additional trucks. At full build out, Modern will have 90 CNG garbage trucks while Rumpke will have several hundred.

“Converting from diesel to CNG is a game changer for enhancing the profitability of transportation operations,” says Adam Comora, TruStar Energy president. “Significant fuel savings create added value for fleet operators and their partners. Natural gas is better for the environment, better for domestic energy independence and better for the bottom line—truly a win-win-win solution.”

Comora adds that TruStar Energy has the capability of building 40 CNG stations per year and expects to double that capacity over the next few years.