Buijs Groot-Ammers Overslag B.V. opts for Sennebogen

Buijs Groot-Ammers Overslag B.V. opts for Sennebogen

An electric drive 830 material handler provides significant savings for transshipper of bulk and general cargo.

September 30, 2016
RTGE Staff
Equipment & Products

When Netherlands-based Buijs Groot-Ammers Overslag B.V. bought its ninth Sennebogen material handler, the company chose its second electric drive model for environmental and financial reasons. “Once electric, always electric,” says engineer Henk van den Dool.

Buijs Groot-Ammers specializes in the transshipment of bulk and general cargo. The first electric model the company tried was the Sennebogen 825, which put in about 15,000 hours within a short period of time. When material handling demands increased, Buijs Groot-Ammers upsized to a crawler-mounted Sennebogen 830 electric drive.

The 830 has a maximum boom range of 17 metres (55 feet, 8 inches) compared with the 13-metre (42-feet-7-inch reach) of the 825, which allows operators to reach the farthest edges of a barge without moving, Sennebogen says. Buijs Groot has installed the 830 at the edge of the pier.

“We decided to purchase an electric material handler again because it is completely emission-free and, ultimately, it saves money,” Wim Buijs, director of operations for the company, says. “As well, environmentally sound practices promote goodwill in the community.”

Being located on the historic Aa River, the Buijs Groot-Ammers operation is particularly sensitive to environmental contamination. With the electric-drive Sennebogen, not only are there zero emissions, but there is zero chance of fuel leaks and the administrative nightmare that goes along with them, the equipment supplier says.

The electric-drive also contributes to fuel savings. Buijs reports a 50 percent reduction in operating costs when compared with a diesel powered machine. But it’s not just the fuel savings. There’s no downtime required for refueling. Maintenance intervals for electric machines are significantly longer and the hydraulic components last longer than in diesel models, Sennebogen says.

Buijs also can hear the benefits going electric. “The new Sennebogen is significantly quieter than our diesel machines,” he says.

In the elevated maXcab, operators have a view of the entire worksite for increased safety, Sennebogen says. A series of cameras and a comprehensive lighting system provide 360-degree visibility day or night. With the recent enhancements to the maXcab, including optimized cab, comfort seat and ergonomically arranged joysticks and controls, the electric drive Sennebogen can make an ideal workplace, the company says.

Sennebogen GmbH is based in Germany. It’s Americas subsidiary, Sennebogen LLC, is based in Stanley, North Carolina.