Attention Plastics Recyclers!

Attention Plastics Recyclers!

Make sure you are included in our listing of the largest plastics recyclers in North America.

April 20, 2011
Recycling Today Staff

In our July 2011 issue, Recycling Today will present a list of the 20 largest plastics recyclers in North America.

The list is designed to offer a glimpse at the largest recyclers of industrially and commercially generated plastic scrap (thus, volumes for post-consumer plastic beverage containers are excluded). We are asking our readers to assist in compiling this list.

If your company recycles commercially generated plastic scrap, please fill out the form available at Top 20 Plastics Recyclers before the end of May. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. We believe our 2011 list will help the industry have a clearer picture of who the largest processors and recyclers of plastic scrap are.

Should you have any questions about our list and what we hope to accomplish, please do not hesitate to call DeAnne Toto at 330-523-5340 or to e-mail her at