Tomra Compaction launches Orwak Power baler line

New line includes balers designed for the retail sector.

March 25, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
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Tomra Orwak power balerTomra Compaction, an equipment manufacturer based in Sweden, has launched the Orwak Power line of balers at Euroshop, a trade fair designed for the retail trade industry. The baler line includes four balers that have been designed to handle recyclables in retail and manufacturing businesses.

In a press release, Tomra says Orwak Power includes Black Star Technology, which is based on the reverse technique of pulling the press plate downwards to compact the material, rather than the traditional method of pushing it. Tomra says the advantage of this configuration is that the cylinders are at its strongest point when the pressure peaks.

The company says the Orwak baler line can provide more strength and greater durability. Tomra says the line offers strong and powerful compaction of large volumes of material into denser bales. In addition to denser bales, the new concept enables a more compact machine design in light of the placement of the cylinders at the bottom instead of on top of the baler, making it easier to transport, to place in locations where ceiling height is limited and more easily relocated if necessary.

The Orwak Power line of balers are slightly spherical in shape, a feature Tomra says is designed to help provide optimal distribution of pressure, which builds up in the chamber during compaction. 

The steel used in the machines is tested to tolerate high pressure and long-term wear without losing its original shape or qualities, according to Tomra Compaction. The welding of the chambers is performed according to ISO 3834, which is practiced in the automobile and heavy steel construction industries.

The company also says the Power balers offer short cycle times, autostart and a shutter that goes up in less than two seconds. Other product features include the capacity for data storage, communication and technical machine monitoring. Furthermore, the Orwak PCB model, Tomra says, features a performance level D safety system, offering protection by continuously checking that all parts of the safety system are in full operation at all times.

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