Tomra Lands Contract in Kuwait

New plant, expected to be operational by early 2014, aims to achieve 85 percent recovery rate.

July 25, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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Tomra Sorting has secured a contract with National Cleaning Co., to provide sorting equipment for a municipal solid waste (MSW) sorting plant the company is building in Kuwait. The plant is expected to be operational by early 2014. It is expected to cost around new €2.5 million (US$3.285 million) plant and will be capable of processing 40 metric tons of MSW per hour from households in Kuwait City.

According to a release, National Cleaning Co., established in 1979, is one of the largest waste management firms in the Gulf Coast Countries. It employs more than 7,000 people.

Tomra notes that its sorting equipment will allow the company to maximize the recovery of the plant’s in-feed material. Tomra will supply and install four Titech sensor-based sorting machines at the facility, which will allow National Cleaning to optically sort mixed plastics, LDPE film, PET and HDPE/PP.

By using the Titech system, including near infrared (NIR) and visual spectrometers (VIS), National Cleaning expects the sorting plant to achieve a fraction purity of up to 95 percent, with recovery yields of up to 85 percent, compared to the 10-20 percent recovery rate achieved by manual or semi-automated techniques.

Kamal Muslmani, National Cleaning Co.’s regional operations manager, says, “We are confident that we’ve made the right choice by partnering with Tomra Sorting for this new plant. With a proven track record and world-class solutions, Tomra was the first choice of technology partner when planning our new plant. Tomra’s Titech technology will enable us to separate and recover valuable fractions to meet both the quality and quantity demanded by our end markets.”

Tasos Bereketidis, Tomra Sorting’s Middle East sales manager, says, “It’s very exciting to be involved in this new MSW plant. With demand for high quality recovered fractions rapidly increasing, our innovative and advanced sensor-based sorting technologies provide the perfect solution to recover these valuable commodities. We’re confident that National Cleaning Company will quickly see a significant return on its investment.”