TOMRA Sorting Recycling launches new customer care initiative

TOMRA Care services include financing and insurance options, 24/7 phone support service for some products and a presales consulting service.

July 23, 2015
RTGE Staff
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TOMRA Sorting Recycling of Norway has launched what it describes as an integrated range of support services to deliver enhanced commercial benefits to its customers.

Called TOMRA Care, the package of services has 28 components covering process consulting, system testing, financing, insurance, staff training and upgrades. The company says the service is designed to ensure customers experience a tailored service that enables them to achieve maximum return on investment.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions’ established customer support services—including a remote phone service, variety of customer training options and spare-part alternatives—remain part of the TOMRA Care offering.

The company says the package was developed following a strategic review of TOMRA Sorting’s existing customer care support services.

“We understand that the needs of our customers are driven by the requirements of the markets in which they operate,” says Peter Geisler, TOMRA service director for recycling. “This has allowed us to further enhance our existing strong customer service offer to reflect those needs. Our objective with TOMRA Care is to enable our customers to consistently achieve the highest levels of productivity with the lowest downtime, whilst simultaneously managing costs.”

New services introduced under TOMRA Care include various financing and insurance options along with a 24/7 phone support service for some products. Additionally, a presales consulting and design service, during which TOMRA sales engineers assist customers in designing and planning new plants, is now offered as an integral part of TOMRA Care, the company says.

Tom L. Eng, head of TOMRA Sorting Recycling emphasizes, “Each customer’s needs are specific to their particular situation. TOMRA Care has been designed to allow us to provide solutions, tailored to precisely meet the needs of individual businesses. Ultimately, we have always partnered with our customers before, during and after the purchase of a TOMRA Sorting system. The introduction of TOMRA Care reinforces this approach and we are looking forward to implementing it with existing and new customers.”

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