Titech Launches Next-Generation Autosort 4

Titech Launches Next-Generation Autosort 4

New sensor-based sorting system featuring Flying Beam technology was introduced at IFAT ENTSORGA.

June 12, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
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Titech launched its next generation Titech autosort 4, a new sensor-based sorting system that features the company’s Flying Beam technology, at the IFAT ENTSORGA show in Munich.

Designed to be energy efficient and maintenance friendly, the company says its Titech autosort 4 is the first near-infrared (NIR) scan system that does not require an external light source. Instead, the autosort incorporates its Flying Beam technology, which was developed to offer reduced power consumption and lower maintenance levels.

According to Titech, the autosort 4 was designed with a focus on simplicity, power, reliability, accuracy and compactness. The company says the sensor-based sorter is a lean and durable solution that combines high performance and output with low energy consumption and reduced carbon footprints.

The company says the autosort 4 has fewer parts than can potentially fail, along with lower cleaning and maintenance needs, leading to steadier performance, minimized downtime and savings in time, money and labor.

The system’s most fundamental change is the inclusion of the Flying Beam technology, Titech says, which means the autosort 4 has no external lamps and illuminates only the area of its conveyor belt being scanned, creating light energy savings of as much as 70 percent.

Other next-generation features include a high performance acquisition card, control unit and valve concept. The new control unit offers an expanded temperature range and passive cooling for most configurations, Titech says, while heat sinks replace active cooling equipment for higher temperatures.

The company says its autosort sensor-based sorting can recover a wide array of the highest quality fractions from different waste streams, including single stream, packaging, paper, household waste and many types of plastic, as well as conduct other sorting tasks. Even the smallest objects cannot fall through the Titech autosort detection grids, the company says.

A prototype of Titech autosort 4 has been operating at Remondis Gmbh, Region Rhineland, in Erftstadt, Germany.

“Among the many things we like about Titech autosort 4 are its lean engineering, high reliability and low maintenance requirements, plus the fact that it uses less energy than many alternative systems,” said Harry Amann, Remondis plant manager in Erftstadt. “As Titech autosort 4 contains few parts which can fail or need cleaning, it means the potential for downtime is also significantly reduced.”

Founded in 1996, Titech is a brand of Tomra Sorting Solutions, based in Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany.