Texas Reports Electronics Recycling Results

Computer manufacturers collect more than 21,500 tons of electronics in 2012.

February 15, 2013
Recycling Today Staff

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has reported that residents of the state turned in more than 43 million pounds (21,500 tons) of electronics to computer manufacturers for recycling in 2012. The TCEQ says that in addition to recycling covered computer equipment, many computer manufacturers also voluntarily collect televisions and other electronics for recycling.

The TCEQ allows computer manufacturers to report as collected electronics other than computer equipment covered under the program.

Currently, 90 manufacturers representing 133 brands are participating in the TCEQ computer recycling program. As part of the program, computer manufacturers collected more than 24 million pounds (12,000 tons) of covered computer equipment in 2012. Of that collected weight, more than 20 million pounds (10,000 tons) were recycled and 3.7 million pounds (1,850 tons) were reused. The 2012 number is higher than the amount reported for any other reporting year. The second highest year was 2010, when computer manufacturers collected for reuse or recycling a total of 19.5 million pounds (9,750 tons) of computer equipment.

In a news release, the TCEQ says it is currently working to implement a new program for the recycling of televisions, which will require television manufacturers that sell in Texas to collect and recycle such products.

More information about recycling computers in the state can be found at www.TexasRecyclesComputers.org and information on recycling television equipment is at www.TexasRecyclesTVs.org.