Tegro Group launches dense media separation system

Turnkey separator is designed to be customizable to offer treatment options.

August 1, 2014
RTGE Staff
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The Tegro Group, based in Hong Kong, has launched a dense media separator (DMS) designed to be customizable, so that customers have a wider range of options to treat different types of materials. The company says the turnkey plant offers these features: 

  • customizable and flexible turnkey design
  • offers precise split cut of light and heavy metals
  • low magnetite consumption and operating costs
  • allows treatment of a wide range of infeed materials and a broad range of particle sizes
  • fully customizable plants with specialized water treatment technology
  • throughput ranges from 5 and 20 metric tons per hour
  • proprietary plant design
  • can be used for copper recovery or platinum group concentrates

Visit www.tegrogroup.com for more information.