TechWaste opens recycling plant in New York City

The electronics recycling firm now has two recycling facilities.

May 8, 2014
Recycling Today Staff

TechWaste Recycling, based in Santa Ana, California, has opened a new electronics recycling facility in Brooklyn, New York. The 10,000-square-foot facility is expandable to 20,000 square feet, the company reports.

TechWaste says the new facility strengthens its goal of handling a larger amount of outdated electronic scrap and IT equipment.

Along with providing electronic scrap and recycling programs, TechWaste reports it will offer the option of new "Recycle Boxes" and florescent and high intensity discharge lighting disposal services. The Recycle Boxes are free to businesses and include prepaid postage, the company says. The boxes are mailed out to businesses as a convenient way to dispose of electronic products such as old cellphones, fax machines, printers and small electronic items that have met their end of life. The company says all items are recycled responsibility.

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