Technology Conservation Group Achieves R2/RIOS Certification

Company says it has become the first electronics recycler to achieve the standard at its international locations.

July 13, 2011
Recycling Today Staff
Legislation & Regulations Electronics Certification

The electronics recycling company Technology Conservation Group Inc. (TCG), headquartered in Lecanto, Fla., reports that it has earned the industry designation Certified Electronics Recycler® by being certified to R2/RIOS. In addition, the company has been recertified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard at six of its processing facilities in the United States, Mexico and Europe. The company says it is the first recycler to have facilities outside of the United States certified to the R2/RIOS standard.

TCG’s certified facilities are in Lecanto, Fla.; Louisville, Ky.; Portland, Ore; Guadalajara and Monterrey, Mexico; and West Midlands, U.K.
R2/RIOS is the combination of two accredited standards: Responsible Recycling Practices (R2), which was developed by a group of stakeholders and facilitated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS), which was developed by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc. (ISRI).
“We are extremely proud and excited to be a Certified Electronics Recycler® in three different countries,” says Hamilton Rice, TCG president. “TCG is a global company, so it only made sense for us to include our Mexico and United Kingdom facilities. Our goal is to provide our customers with the reassurance that we are processing their material in the most environmentally responsible manner possible, no exceptions. TCG is committed to all aspects of the R2/RIOS and ISO standards and hold ourselves accountable for the integrity of our internal processes that support those standards.”
Robin Wiener, ISRI president, says, “TCG has the very significant distinction of being the first U.S. company to ensure excellence in its facilities abroad through the latest and most rigorous environmental health and safety and quality standards. TCG is very clearly committed to the highest standards at home and around the world.”
She adds, “With more and more global and country-based directives being issued to ensure that recyclers are using the very best standards, R2/RIOS is generating a great deal of interest and investment. Achieving R2/RIOS certification is a triple shot of quality, safety and environmental management in electronics recycling facilities.”