Sweed introduces 450 DDX scrap chopper

New chopper model can be mounted on casters for portability.

April 27, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Sweed Machinery, Gold Hill, Ore., has introduced the 450 DDX scrap chopper, which the company says will replace its Model 450 WM XHD Dual Drive chopper unit.

The company says the 450 DDX has robust power along with dual-drive feedworks. Driving both feed rolls on the chopper is designed to let the unit process scrap quickly and efficiently, making it suitable for chopping common manufacturing scrap such as large amounts of plastic strapping, high volumes of three-quarter-inch steel metal banding with clips and light-gauge baling wire, Sweed says, 

The Model 450 DDX chopper features a one-horsepower motor and added mass on the flywheel, which provides additional cutting capacity, the company says. The cutter is capable of feeding scrap pieces at one time with speeds of around 120 feet per minute. The one stationary and one rotating knife provide a cut length of about 3 inches. The wide infeed on the chopper makes feeding fairly easy.

The Sweed 450 DDXC model includes options and can be customized for inline production, such as slitter line and tube and pipe applications that require speed and tension control or custom scrap cut lengths.

The 450 DDX sits on a Sweed stand that moves from area to area on caster wheels and is designed to sit over a Sweed self-dumping hopper. Both the stand and the hopper are sold separately.

Additional benefits of the 450 DDX, according to Sweed, include reclaiming space for production because compacted scrap requires less room to store than uncompacted scrap, a reduction in workers’ compensation claims since employees only handle the scrap once and it isn’t left on the ground in potentially hazardous piles and improved housekeeping.

More information on the 450 DDX can be found at www.sweed.com.