Sutta Co., Green Planet 21 Add General Manager

Michael Swernoff brings 40 years of experience in logistics, operations and management.

March 5, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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The Sutta Co. and Green Planet 21, Oakland, Calif., have added Michael Swernoff as general manager. Swernoff brings 40 years of experience in logistics and operations. His experience includes managing warehouse personnel handling a variety of different materials and machinery. Swernoff also brings comprehensive knowledge of paper grades, roll stock and sheet stock, the company says. 
The Sutta Co. is a recycling company with locations throughout the western United States. Its sister company, Green Planet 21, assists companies with reaching zero landfill and sustainability goals.
“His experience with national and international markets as well as balers and other recycling equipment is a tremendous addition to the management team,” says Steve Spence, a partner with The Sutta Co. 
As general manager, Swernoff is tasked with organizing and streamlining Sutta and Green Planet 21 operations in several regions. 
“Recycling is no longer limited to newspaper, magazines office papers and corrugated cartons, the businesses that have been the mainstay of recycling in the past,” Swernoff says. 
The company reports that it will continue to explore the recycling and reuse of new materials, such as green packaging and composite materials, to expand its base and to provide zero waste solutions for clients. 
“Some see this as a diminishing market,” says Swernoff. “We see it as expanding, especially in containers, a sort of reverse-package design. The market today is tremendously exciting; the locations for the use of recycled materials are worldwide and are shifting geographically.”