StewardChoice to introduce recycling plan for multifamily residences

Draft stewardship plan for British Columbia will cover packaging and printed paper.

June 18, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Legislation & Regulations Municipal / IC&I Paper Plastics

StewardChoice Enterprises Inc., based in British Columbia, has announced that it will publish a draft stewardship plan for packaging and printed paper in June that will undergo public consultations throughout the summer. Once the plan is approved, the new recycling service will commence as early as next year initially in multifamily residential buildings in the province of British Columbia, the organization says.

“We see this as an opportunity to provide producers with more choice while offering cost-effective solutions,” says Neil Hastie, development director and spokesperson for StewardChoice Enterprises Inc. “We strongly believe that producers should have the ability to choose a preferred service when determining how to meet their regulatory obligations.”

Under the British Columbia Recycling Regulation, businesses that supply packaging and printed paper will be responsible for the cost of collecting, sorting and recycling these materials. StewardChoice notes that more than 20 percent of multifamily buildings in the province do not receive a producer-funded recycling service.

“We have two priorities at StewardChoice,” Hastie says. “One is to provide solutions for producers to achieve their environmental goals in compliance with the Recycling Regulation, and the other is to offer a plan that will increase collection of packaging and printed paper waste generated in British Columbia, beginning with areas like multifamily buildings that are currently not receiving any producer funded recycling services.”

Once the public consultations are complete, the plan will be submitted for approval to the British Columbia Ministry of Environment.

StewardChoice Enterprises Inc. is a subsidiary of Reclay StewardEdge, which provides packaging stewardship solutions to consumer product goods organizations.