Steinert Australia Launches UniSort PR with Hyper Spectral Imaging Technology

New system is designed for sorting of packaging, plastics, electronic scrap or refuse-derived fuel.

February 8, 2013
RTGE Staff
Equipment & Products

The UniSort PR line of sorting machines, developed by RTT Steinert  of Victoria, Australia, use a range of detection and separation technologies to automatically sort waste at different points along the recovery and recycling path. The company says its new UniSort PR machines can allow recycling facilities to increase both their throughput and the purity of their recovered materials, which results in the creation of higher-value recyclables.

For example, installed as the first pass system at a materials recovery facility, the UniSort PR sorts large items such as whole soft drink bottles and achieves a high level of purity, the company says.

Steinert says its new UniSort PR machine fits with a new generation of NIR sorting equipment that aims to replace scanning systems. The system is designed to be powerful, user friendly, compact and flexible in application.

The new generation of UniSort equipment is based on Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI), the company says, offering the advantages of both high spatial and spectral resolution. As a result, small objects can be reliably recognized. According to Steinert, complex sorting tasks are possible because the system records the complete spectral region for every spatial point and utilizes mature, fast spectrometric algorithms, making the equipment extremely versatile.

In addition to special routines for image processing, a range of nozzle powers are available, enabling optimal matching to the material to be sorted. From the operator’s point of view, the new generation units appear compact with clear and easy operation via a touch screen, Steinert says. The system is easy to assemble and maintain, the company says. The compact units contain the sensor technology along with the power supply, control and operator modules. Nozzle bars, belt monitoring and other connections such as an Ethernet port for a master control and remote maintenance are available as connector sockets.

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