Data Security Inc. Launches SSMD-2mm Disintegrator

Device is designed to disintegrate solid state and optical media.

April 18, 2013
SDB Staff
Electronics Equipment & Products
Lincoln, Neb.-based Data Security Inc. has released the SSMD-2mm destruction device, which is designed to disintegrate solid-state and optical media to a size of 2 millimeters or smaller. The National Security Agency (NSA) has evaluated the SSMD-2mm and found it satisfies the requirements of the NSA/CSS 9-12 Storage Device Declassification Policy Manual, according to Data Security. 
Solid-state drives (SSDs) and solid-state media record information differently than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) in that SSDs use assemblies of integrated circuits to store data, while HDDs use magnetic platters. Because SSDs do not use magnetic materials, they are unable to be erased using a degausser. 
The NSA specifies a 2 millimeter particle size for the destruction of SSDs. Data Security’s SSMD-2mm is capable of destroying solid-state media, including cell phones, tablets, memory cards and thumb drives, as well as optical media like CDs and DVDs. 
Renee Schafer, director of sales and marketing for Data Security, says, “The device is very user friendly with simple, push-button operation. You can simply turn it on, and the display tells you when to feed the machine and when to empty the bin.”