SSI to Provide Specially Engineered Shredding Equipment to China

The shredding system is being shipped to Chongqing City’s first industrial waste processing center.

August 14, 2012
Waste Today Staff
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SSI Shredding Systems Inc. has announced that representatives from its company have traveled to Congqing, China to meet with representatives from Chongqing Liyang Environmental Technology Company of China (Liyang) and co-sign a purchase agreement for a new industrial shredding system to be built for the Chongqing Industrial Waste Treatment Project.

Liyang will install the new shredding system into the Chinese company’s new Alternative Fuel Recycling (AFR) production line, the first industrial waste processing center in Chongqing city.

The AFR production line is designed to process industrial waste into reusable material and alternative fuel for burning in pre-calciner cement kilns through a series of processes, including material inspection, categorizing, shredding and separation. The alternative fuel produced will be sized to meet specific requirements of various cement kilns.

The new shredding system, designed and built by SSI Shredding Systems Inc., will consist of a two-stage process: the primary shredding system will have a hydraulic dual-shear two-shaft shredder; and the secondary system will include SSI’s unique double stacked EX electric dual-shear two-shaft shredder. Both of the low-speed, high-torque units will provide the benefits of low-power consumption, while offering high efficiency and ease of maintenance. SSI engineers will design the entire system to meet strict size requirements required by Liyang Environmental.

“SSI is looking forward to the opportunity to work with Liyang on this project. We intend for Liyang’s new system to become one of SSI’s showcase installations for alternative fuel applications in western China.” says Richard Ellis, SSI Asia’s market sales director.