SRS Creates Alliances with Middle East Groups

Electronics recycler says alliances will support certified and environmentally sound electronics recycling practices.

December 4, 2013
RTGE Staff
Electronics Legislation & Regulations

Sims Recycling Solutions FZE (SRS FZE) has announced the creation of a community ecosystem through alliances it has developed with Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) and Dubai Municipality. SRS FZE has been working with the EEG to share its best practices with EEG’s corporate and educational members around the UAE.

Philip Hughes, managing director of SRS FZE, says that the company is the only electronic recycling facility to achieve ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certification in its first year of operations. “We are committed to working with EEG to raise awareness of the need to recycle electrical and electronic items such as mobile phones, IT and related equipment. Our team works continuously to educate businesses and schools on the need to implement compliant and environmentally sound business practices.”

Habiba Al Marashi, chairperson of EEG and president of the UN Global Compact Network for GCC States, welcomed the opening of the SRS FZE centre in Jebel Ali. “The major problem we faced with our Mobile Recycling Campaign was that no recycling facility existed in the UAE and these phones had to be shipped to a recycling plant in Finland. Now working with Sims Recycling Solutions, we are aiming to make a difference and spread awareness about the proper recycling of mobile phones and other electronic waste and ensure that they do not end up in landfills. We are sure that these efforts will bring about a significant change to the future of the UAE,” Marashi says.

Hamdan Khalifa Al Shaer from Dubai Municipality agrees. “We appreciate the efforts of Sims Recycling Solutions for providing environment-friendly solutions for retired IT equipment. It helps to reduce waste including toxic e-waste going to the landfills. Dubai is committed to support and encourage companies that serve the community and are keen to protect our environment.”