SRS Installs Shredder at California Plant

Company says the new equipment will increase its yearly processing capacity by 36.4 million pounds.

September 24, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
Electronics Equipment & Products

Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS), with American headquarters in Chicago, has installed what it says is the world’s most powerful equipment designed to process electronic scrap at its 200,000-square-foot electronics recycling plant in Roseville, Calif. With the new equipment, SRS says it will be able to improve its workflow process, ultimately allowing the company to increase its processing capacity by 36.4 million pounds per year.

The company will hold an open house Sept. 26, 2013, at the facility.

Installation of the equipment began in early April 2013, and the plant recently began processing material using the new equipment.

“This improved process enables our Roseville location to accept a wider variety of materials in higher volumes, which will help better serve the needs of local municipalities, communities and businesses,” says Steve Skurnac, president of SRS. “Our engineering team analyzed our current equipment and its capabilities and determined that in the long run it was necessary to upgrade so it could effectively handle the growing demand of material ready for recycling.”

The equipment replaced was originally installed in the mid-1990s. SRS says the new process has maximum efficiencies and effectiveness that will contribute to a more environmentally responsible and data-secure workflow. 

The four-shaft shear shredder (low speed/high torque) has a metering screen under the cutters that allows the company to produce the desired particle size. SRS says the system performance was achieved by combining increased horsepower, increased shaft speed, a custom-designed cutter configuration and special electrical controls.

The shredder weighs 85,000 pounds and is more than 25 feet tall and 26 feet long when fully assembled and with the screen ejected. The shredder is a direct electric drive, which SRS says is more efficient than a hydraulic drive system. The company adds that a special variable frequency drive (VFD) and an advanced electronic monitoring system make instantaneous adjustments to motor revolutions per minute (rpm) and torque to achieve the highest performance and better shredding ability for thick metal.

Because of the shredder's extra horsepower and torque, finite element analysis was performed to identify areas where the shredder frame and head needed reinforcement and to ensure all parts were within safety tolerances, the company says.

In North America, Sims Recycling Solutions operates 16 sites in Arizona, British Columbia, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Ontario, Quebec, Tennessee and Texas.