SMS Installs Copex Scrap Shear

Sims Metal Management starts up scrap shear in Sydney, Australia.

September 12, 2013
Recycling Today Staff
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Sims Metal Management (SMM) has started production of its new Lidex 1300-ton scrap shear at its main facility in Saint Marys in Sydney, Australia. The shear has been manufactured by the French firm Copex.

According to a press release, Copex, a mid-sized French company, has supplied SMM with mobile balers and loggers for use at all of its facilities in Australia. Copex says that along with the exceptional compacting and cutting capacities of the LIDEX, SMM appreciated the high level of support shown from the maintenance and service provider Pacific Materials Handling.

In choosing the LIDEX, SMM cited the fact that the facility processes more than 10,000 metric tons of scrap metal per month and could reduce the cutting of bulky scrap products with blowtorches, according to Ron Wilson, project manager for SMM.

Copex says that it has already delivered six Pactor mobile balers and loggers to SMM’s Australia facilities.

“We are particularly satisfied with the machines we have acquired previously, which have already covered thousands and thousands of kilometers through Australia,” Wilson says. “Our experiences were an important part in our decision to order again a machine made by Copex. We had absolutely no doubt about the capability of Copex in respect of delivery times, and the efficiency and professionalism of the teams of technicians in charge of the assembly of this machine of 300 metric tons on our yard.”

Making the deal happen, says Frederic Malin, CEO of Copex, was the strong relationship between Copex and the Australian company Pacific Materials Handling. “Due to the distance between the site of Saint Marys and the factory of the French manufacturer, Copex has long ago established a partnership for maintenance and repairs with the Australian company Pacific Materials Handling. This local collaboration is essential to assure after-sale service and maintenance of Copex machines in the entire Australian territory, with the same high efficiency and reactivity as in Europe, and limit the down time of the machines.”

Launched in 2011, the Lidex scrap shear is available with a cutting force of 800 metric tons, 1,000 metric tons, 1,300 metric tons and 1,700 metric tons. With the LIDEX, Copex says that a company can achieve a productivity increase of 25 percent.

Other stated advantages of the Lidex include
•        With the full automatic compression and cutting cycle, the operator is no longer required for the compression and cutting operations and has free time to perform other running operations,
•        The oversized lid, which covers 80 percent of the box, ensures the greatest compression efficiency,
•        The kinematic design of the pre-load table contributes to considerably reduce the scrap preparation and cycle times. Scrap can be loaded as a secondary task by the operator, providing excellent visibility,
•        The LIDEX is provided with an ergonomic maintenance workers' platform as well as specific tools designed to make the handling of crucial pieces and the changing of knives precise, rapid and safe,
•        The blade locking system designed by Copex has no bolts and nuts, and the time necessary for replacing knives is reduced by 50 percent, the company says,
•        Simple and intuitive touch-screen operation.