Sims Recycling Solutions joins The Green Grid

Electronics recycler says it will contribute to data center industry standards regarding electronics disposal.

March 13, 2014
SDB Staff

Sims Recycling Solutions, with Americas headquarters in West Chicago, Ill., has announced its membership in The Green Grid, Beaverton, Ore. Sims says its membership will offer the opportunity to provide The Green Grid with global expertise regarding the responsible and efficient disposal of electronics.

The Green Grid is a global consortium of companies, government agencies, educational institutions and individuals dedicated to advancing resource efficiency in information technology and data centers. Members seek to create a common set of metrics and to develop technical resources and educational tools to further the goals of The Green Grid.

“As 5.75 million new servers continue to be installed each year, education, standards and measurement tools are in need of development more than ever to ensure that the most efficient maintenance and disposal of these servers is being performed,” says Sean Magann, vice president of Sims Recycling Solutions, Americas. “Sims is looking forward to contributing to these tools and resources to help shape the future for the efficient disposal of IT equipment in its facilities.”

The Green Grid says it seeks to provide industry-wide recommendations on best practices, metrics and technologies that will improve overall data center and information technology resource efficiencies. By joining The Green Grid, Sims Recycling Solutions says it is helping to influence developers and end users of data center technology.

Sims Recycling Solutions is owned by Sims Metal Management Ltd., with headquarters in Sydney and New York City.

In North America, Sims Recycling Solutions operates 14 sites in Arizona, British Columbia, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ontario, Quebec, Tennessee and Texas.