Sims Recycling Solutions declines to renew e-Stewards certification

Sims Recycling Solutions declines to renew e-Stewards certification

Electronics recycling company says it is allocating more attention to data security accreditation.

August 14, 2015
SDB Staff
Certification Electronics

Sims Recycling Solutions Inc. (SRS), West Chicago, Illinois, says “after a long and detailed review of the benefits and costs of the e-Stewards certification program,” it has decided not to renew its licensing agreement and certification to that standard at its United States operations.

The decision is effective with the expiration of current certifications.

“Sims corporate clients routinely conduct their own recycler audits and our internal control mechanisms ensure we maintain our high operating standards at all global sites,” the company says in a news release announcing the decision. “With an increased focus on corporate asset recovery, Sims will be redirecting certification resources to further improve our industry-leading data destruction and secure information management activities.”

Steve Skurnac, global president of SRS, states, “We will continue to support some of the BAN (Basel Action Network) activities on a global scale to control illegal e-scrap shipments, and our processing and recycling operations will continue to be managed at the highest level of environmental practices and in compliance with all global trade requirements.”

SRS offers IT asset disposition and mobile device refurbishment services to local, national and global customers.