Shared Logic announces new Ohio DPS integration

The “one swipe” functionality means scrap metal recyclers only swipe the potential seller’s identification card once.

November 22, 2016
Recycling Today Staff
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Holland, Ohio-based The Shared Logic Group Inc. has announced the integration of the state of Ohio “Do Not Buy” list. In a letter from Ohio Department of Public Safety (DPS) sent to scrap metal businesses that are registered in Ohio, the new “one swipe” functionality was announced as a way to only have to swipe the potential seller’s identification card one time.

Shared Logic’s RIMAS (Recycling Industry Management and Accounting System) NTP software has integrated and uploaded Ohio DPS information since it was first available in 2015. The company has now upgraded this integration to include a check from the state of Ohio’s “Do Not Buy” list. This check calls upon the “Do Not Buy” list for each ID card and displays data if any are found.

“This development allows our customers to cross-reference the state’s database directly from our software instead of using a web browser to login and run a query for each ID card,” says The Shared Logic Group. “This upgrade is being made available at no additional costs to our customers.”

The implementation of RIMAS more than 30 years ago brought much needed technology to the recycling business with automated management and accounting solutions that were specific to the industry. Since the inception of RIMAS, Shared Logic says its products have continually improved and expanded to meet the changing needs of a technology-driven marketplace and now include electronic document management and web-based products. In addition to RIMAS, Shared Logic offers the following product expansions:

  • RIMAS Mobile App (dispatch, image capture and barcode scanning);
  • RIMAS MMC (equipment management costing);
  • RIMAS Online (online access for trading partners); 
  • Trader Inquiry (dynamic access to company data); and
  • E-Doc Executive (electronic document storage and retrieval). 

Since 1982 The Shared Logic Group has been providing the recycling industry with the most comprehensive accounting and management software solutions. The company says it has more than 3,000 licensed users.

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